Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence promotes Grand Rapids networking events.  We host Grand Rapids speakers for the local business community. Our networking crowd is rather diverse, so you'll never know who you might meet.

Speaker Videos

Bing Goei (on state immigration policy)

Penny Rosema (on negotiating)


Ted Kallman (on organizational vision)

"Meet People, Learn New Things"

---Jason Johnson, GRAPE Board Vice-President


Volunteer of the Month

Thank You Eric Brefka for volunteering to videotape the June GRAPE event.  Eric is a recent graduate at Grand Valley State University with a major in Film/Video Production and a minor in Writing. He has various interests and skills when it comes to working on productions, but he focuses specifically on camera operation and lighting. He currently works at Fox 17 news in Grand Rapids  and is working towards becoming a freelance videographer/photographer on the side.